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C.R.M. Services

The term Customer Relationship Management or Marketing (C.R.M.) is used to describe the methodology that assists in targeting and attracting clients, through the process of developing personal relationships (company – client). This method puts the client in the epicenter of the business process. The goal of the client-centered nature of CRMs, is to assist your business so that you will always be able to sell to your clients and accommodate their needs. Stay close to the clients that are loyal to your products and services, all through one designated management system.

This methodology is based on gathering the specific -and in many occasions different between them- needs that all your clients have. Additionally, CRMs place a series of specific actions in your business procedures, so that you can accommodate your clients more efficiently. Another key characteristic of CRMs, is the change that they bring to your business thought and structure, through the easing of processes and of course, by raising profit prospects.

Our company can assist it’s clients with a modern C.R.M. system, so that they can monitor in real time through the internet, their services and the results they give.


Focusing on the Important Clients with a CRM

A CRM can offer your company a wide range of important data. Through the proper investigation and analysis of this information, you can extract many and useful conclusions about any offered product or service. For example, by increasing the wait time of clients for which there is strong indications that they are ready to leave (high risk clients). Or by offering additional products to clients that have a limited range and knowledge of the market. This way, you can communicate the provided products even further and create sale prospects, by focusing on keeping the most profitable clients via an analysis like Differential Marketing. As a result, you will be able to give them additional motives to increase the rate they consume, by providing them with extra facilitation.


Main Advantages of Using a CRM

  • Tracking your most important clients.
  • Targeting commercial communication.
  • Containing losses in the client base.
  • Creating a loyal client audience.