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Customer Base Management Campaigns

Customer Base Management Campaigns

Start a multilevel communication with your customers and deepen your trusting relationship. Besides, it costs up to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to make a sale to someone you own. But how can you keep your existing customers satisfied and increase your profits at the same time? Develop your relationship with them and find the appropriate complementary products or services to promote with Customer Base Management Campaigns.

Using your users’ data, find further penetration opportunities with sales of corresponding or more expensive related products. By leveraging demographics, corporate and behavioral ratings, prioritize your major customers. By observing their reactions, you will be able to reach them at the right time and with the appropriate message.

Collect the relevant data and analyze the effectiveness of each active campaign. Also, let your new customers know that enabling them will get more engagement, instantly. Help them maximize their own profit by cultivating personalized, automated and useful tips at every marketing stage.

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