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Winback Campaigns

Winback Campaigns

In today’s highly competitive market, unlinking customers is a reality for all companies, even the most successful. For example, it is true that 45% of people downloading an application will uninstall it after a week. But it’s also 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than a new .

Luckily, marketers today have the choice to re-win (from here stems the name Winback) a previous customer, or to obtain useful information about the reasons that happened.

Initially, it is important to identify the point in time when users are inactive against the product or service, before they stop using it. Then, through personalized options for each occasion, they are given the opportunity to become active again, or to let us know about the reasons they have stopped. Obviously the first case is more legitimate, but even from the second, very useful conclusions can be drawn, especially regarding the planning of future strategies. Now that you know why your previous customers have stopped using the product or service you provide, you can use this information to optimize the efforts and the way to attract. The ultimate goal should always be to maintain customers with the maximum stay time.

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